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Kitchen without unpleasant odor
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About us

ISAFLEX d.o.o.

Isaflex is a leading producer of drains, traps and grates on the local market. Quality and product inovation are the main values of our company by which we responsibly fulfill our obligations to customers and build relationships based on trust and respect.


In order to ensure real protection against leaking in your bathroom use Isaflex waterproofing system

Easy set up

After setting up a membrane with an appropriate glue, tiles can be immediately installed.

In accordance with world standards

Isaflex waterproofing system is unique in our market and meets world standards.

Multi trap

Multi trap is a unique product which prevents penetration of odors from the sewage system. Double sealing consists of water and mechanical seal – silicone membrane. If the water from a multi trap evaporates sealing is secured by silicone membrane which is extremely sensitive to low pressure, but also handles high pressure as well because of the innovative design.

Featured products

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Floor drains

Unpleasant odor prevention

Grates with inox frame