About us

The foundation of the company Isaflex is the craft workshop Cer founded in 1987 in Inđija, which was engaged in production and gradually developed. At the beginning of the production of metal flexible pipes in 1997, the electrical program was formed. Further development led to the founding of Isaflex in 2002.

Over the years, a program of sanitary drainage technology, drains and siphons has been developed, by which Isaflex is recognizable today. In cooperation with contractors and shops, we shape the look of the current drains and get products to the satisfaction of all customers, in accordance with world standards and high quality.

Isaflex adheres to a simple business philosophy: investing knowledge and technology in creating affordable products of superior design and quality. The main values ​​in our company are the quality and innovation of products with which we responsibly fulfill our obligations to customers and build relationships based on conscientious work and respect.